/ Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

International exhibition venue, prime example of Scandavian modernist architecture

/ The task

Maintaining optimal air quality parameters, especially humidity and temperature, is essential for preserving artworks. The challenge is to achieve this while minimizing energy consumption. EcoVent by 4i4 has successfully enhanced the climate control systems within the museum’s exhibition halls, which span 30,000 square meters.
Our data-driven insights allow for continuous optimization, ensuring both the protection of invaluable artworks and the museum’s dedication to environmental responsibility

/ The achievements

The Louisiana Museum’s case was particularly intricate and precise, thanks to their complete units and controllers, which are equipped with numerous sensors throughout the galleries. The facility management team at the museum has thoroughly optimized each system to adhere to stringent air quality parameters.

/ Impacts

In collaboration, we developed an AI-driven modulation method that reduces energy consumption without compromising air quality. This partnership showcases our ability to integrate advanced technology for optimal preservation and efficiency.